Le Beausset, The Oratory Trail…

The Oratory Trail...

What do we know of the oratory, that precious age-old, cultural inheritance that infuses our landscapes with the holy spirit?

On the sanctuary trail, where paths cross or at the meadow's edge, these unassuming edifices, heirs of Charlemagne's battle cry, are a touching testimony, evoking the faith of our forebears.

A rustic heritage of art and faith devoted to the Virgin Mary and the saints to express or incite a nameless prayer, oratories also allow visitors to discover another facet of our Provençal traditions and customs.

Little known for a long time, these places of worship form one of the singular elements of our rural heritage. With more than 50 works, the commune of Le Beausset lays claim to the title of "Capital of the Oratory".

As you take a trail which, in part, follows an old mule track, we invite you to discover twelve of these engaging little religious monuments. The Oratory Trail leads to the Romanesque chapel of Our Lady of Old Le Beausset* (12th century).